According to tradition, our congregation was founded on the 29th of July 1822 through the joint co-operation  of:
  • Father Mathias Wolff, SJ
  • Maria van Werkhoven (Sr. Ignace)
  • Mathia Stichters (Sr. Matthia)
  • Martha Pijpers (Sr. Martha)
  • The Roman Catholic Society
We regard St. Julie Billiart as our spiritual mother.
(Decision of the General Chapter 1994 p. 9 )

1.   Father Matthias Wolff, SJ
Born in Diekirch (Luxemburg)                               9th March, 1779
Ordained a priest                                                    25th April, 1802
Entered the Jesuits                                                15th February, 1815
Pastor in Culemborg                                              15th June, 1816
Pastor in Nijmegen                                                 5th September, 1834
Again priest in Culemborg                                      10th July, 1846
Died in Culemborg                                                 31st October, 1857

2.   Maria Stichters (Sr. Matthia)
Born in Culemborg                                                22nd April, 1800
Entered as a postulant in Gent                             7th November, 1819
Returned to the Netherlands                                 July, 1823
Superior general                                                   1828 - 1840
Died in Culemborg                                                26th May, 1873

3.   Maria Magdalena Cecilia van Werkhoven (Sr. Ignace)
Born in Utrecht                                                      2nd May, 1797
Entered religious life in Amersfoort                      July, 1822
Died in Amersfoort                                                17th March, 1826

4.   Johanna Maria Pijpers (Sr. Martha)
Born in Antwerp                                                      1799
Entered religious life in Amersfoort in                    1822
Died in Amersfoort                                                4th August, 1830

5.   The Roman Catholic Society: Founded 25th October, 1820
Chairperson      :    Fr. Dadelbeek (Parish priest of
                               St. Catherine’s church in Utrecht 
Secretary          :    Le Sage ten Broek (notary)
Treasurer          :    Mosch (broker)
Members           :    Fr. van Theenen (parish priest of Amersfoort)
                               Fr. Dehasque S.J of Culemborg
                               Fr. Vermeulen (parishpriest of Uithoorn)
Resource : "History of the origin of the Congregation of Sisters of Out Lady of Amersfoort, by Prof. G.A.M. Abbink